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Superlift – Wrangler TJ

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Superlift kits for the Wrangler TJWhen you want your Jeep Wrangler TJ to stand tall, and chew up trails for breakfast you want a Superlift lift.  For decades now, Superlift has been a name to trust, making quality shocks and lift kits.  Superlift is committed to quality and warrants their products against defects and wear-out for as long as your own your Jeep.  You really can’t go wrong with Superlift!

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One Review of Superlift – Wrangler TJ

  1. Brandon Murphy Says:

    Review Title: A decent lift for the money
    Kit purchased: Superlift 4" Lift Kit

    Quality / Durability
    Ease of installation
    Off road handling
    On road handling

    I’ve been running the Superlift 4-inch lift kit on my 1998 TJ for about 20,000 miles now. My TJ is a daily driver that sees a lot of highway miles and goes offroad about once a month on club runs.

    In my experiences, the Superlift has performed well both onroad and off. The kit was rather stiff for the first few months, but definitely softened up after a couple of wheeling trips.

    Some things to note:
    -I did need to get longer front lower control arms in order to get my alignment back to spec (make sure your specific kit comes with these). I got the Superlift lower control arms which are not “heavy-duty” by any means, but have served their purpose so far.
    -I run a transfer case drop with my SL kit and I do get some minor vibrations in the driveline at highway speeds (not unbearable).
    -I upgraded my sway bar disconnects to JKS because I didn’t like the design of the SL discos.

    The kit gets good flex offroad and handles as well as I’d expect a short wheelbase Jeep with 33’s to handle onroad (not a sportscar, but not “scary” either). I honestly, believe that my lifted TJ handles much better than my stock 1988 YJ ever did!

    Overall, this kit suits my moderate offroading habits very well. I think it’s a solid value for what I use it for. That being said, it seems like there are hundreds of kits out there from a variety of brands…you need to find the one that fits your budget AND your driving style.

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Off road handling
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